13 Yanvar 2023

Azerbaijan to create state information system


Azerbaijan to create state information system

By Sabina Mammadli

A 'Track and Trace' unified state automated information system will be created in Azerbaijan, Azernews reports.

The topic was reflected in the proposed amendment to the Tax Code at today's meeting of the parliamentary committee on economic policy, industry, and entrepreneurship and recommended for consideration at the plenary session of the parliament.

It was noted that the draft law will be prepared in order to regulate the circulation of excise goods and goods with mandatory labeling, as well as ensure tax control over the import, production, sale, and circulation of them.

Upon adoption of the draft law, it's planned to create a 'Track and Trace' unified state automated information system, which allows controlling the circulation of said goods, along the entire chain from production and import to the end consumer. This will play an important role in eliminating the shadow economy, preventing counterfeiting of excise goods and excise stamps, and ultimately protecting consumer rights.

During the same session, Deputy Head of the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy Samira Musayeva noted that the amount of VAT refund to consumers is planned to be increased in Azerbaijan, starting next year.

She added that the purpose of this is to encourage cashless payments.

Further, she noted that Azerbaijan considers the issue of the introduction of seasonal taxes.

The official pointed out that the issues on the provision of benefits to business entities engaged in seasonal activities are being considered.

Musayeva noted that these issues are also being considered within the framework of the strategy for the social and economic development of Azerbaijan.

"The proposals of entrepreneurs are also taken into account in this matter," she added.

Moreover, the proposed amendment to the law ‘On state duty’ covered the issue of exemption of state duty.

According to the proposition, the exemption of state duty for mandatory labeling of tobacco products can be canceled in Azerbaijan.

The proposal said that manufacturers and importers of tobacco products will be exempted from paying the state duty provided for in Article 20-3.2.1 of this law (-0.07 for providing mandatory labeling of excisable goods) for mandatory labeling of these products within one month from the date of receipt of the notification from the authority (institution) established by the relevant executive authority on connection to the information system.

The body, determined by the relevant executive authority, may extend the period specified in the first sentence of this article five times, but not more than once a month.

Meanwhile, the process of receiving grants will become more transparent in Azerbaijan, according to the proposed amendment to law 'On grants'.

The main goal of the proposed amendment is to ensure transparency in obtaining grants, the formation of a system that meets modern requirements in this area, the creation of a unified information system covering the necessary information on grants, ensure the maintenance of the prescribed registry based on the same forms, methods, and principles.